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Pink Floyd Fans, This Hotel In Pushkar Will Help You Come Back To Life


    If you’re heading to Pushkar for a getaway or just want to live the hippie life for the next few days, definitely hit up Pink Floyd Cafe and Hotel. Yes you heard that right.

    ‘Run Like Hell’ From Delhi

    If you’re looking to leave the city, this is the right time. It really isn’t doing us any good with the heat and pollution {although the heat factor will trouble you at Pushkar too} but at least you’re away from the chaos, amidst a Floydian tribute! The hotel can be beautifully-inspiring. Both the indoors and outdoors {their chath is awesome} are done up well.

    It’s located near Choti Basti and it’s almost miss-able if you don’t take the right turn, since it’s through a very narrow gali. Don’t worry too much, you’ll see the big sign board with Pink Floyd to help you through.

    Comfortably Numb

    That’s what this hotel intends to do. If you want to get lost, this place is ideal. They don’t really have deals and packages; it’s mostly just for that Floyd fan in you and the fact that it’s desirably close to Pushkar Lake. The rooms at the hotel are all named after albums that Pink Floyd has released in the past. So you can chose your favourite album {or a room with a view} and stay there.

    The hotel offers an amazing and serene view of Pushkar from their terrace. So you can sip your  chai while staring at the sun setting. Their food is quite average so we would not relly recommend it but definitely go for their special lassi, it’s delicious.

    For booking etc. you can visit their Facebook page.

    So We’re Saying…

    If you’re having a hell of a week and need to leave town and dedicate some time to yourself and to Floyd, this hotel will do the trick for you. You can either drive down from Delhi (approx. six hours} or take a bus {eight hours} and spend some time coming back to life.