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Happiness Is Butter Chicken Pizzas & Kit Kat Shakes At 4am & This Service Makes It Possible!

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Hungry students and night owls never had it so easy before Hungry Ullu & Hungry Chow, a food delivery service with a rather comforting menu came along. It’s got wood-fired pizzas {yay!}, Italian, Chinese and typical cafe fare.

Owl's Well That Ends Well

We tend to take late night deliveries for granted until we’re left on our own means, alone in the hostel room or stranded with the bestie with an empty fridge. So, when we discovered Hungry Ullu, we had to try them out to arm you with this secret weapon {because knowledge is power}.

The menu neatly segregates the Chinjabi section that’s all packed under Hungry Chow. The Hungry Ullu wing is a mish-mash of  sandwiches, wraps, shakes, pizzas, sides and more.

Most things we got were on the spicier side including our beloved Chilli Paneer and mixed sauce pasta but that’s not to say that they weren’t nice. In fact, if you’ve had a long, gloomy day, you will love coming back home to this stuff.

The Legendary Mutton Burger and Crunch Burger are great options as well. The real star for us, however, were the Butter Chicken Momos.

So, We're Saying...

Call for the Paneer Wrap or the novel Mushroom Do Pyaza pizza and those late night matches with the gang will be a different ball game altogether.

Oh, and maybe cold coffee at 3am?