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Chilling In Dehradun? These Places Should Be On Your Doon Bucket List

    Got nothing more than a day in Doon? If you really can’t afford to spend some extra time in the valley, we’ve got you covered. Though it may seem like a small city, the state capital has plenty of sights to see and places to visit (don’t even get us started about all the places to eat at), but if you’re on a tight schedule and want to make the most of your visit there, here are all the places in and around Dehradun that should be on your bucket list.


    Sahastradhara literally translates to 'thousand fold spring.' It is one of the most popular tourist spots around Dehradun, and is about 14 km away from Doon. It's basically the perfect spot for people who are suckers for scenic views. 

    Forest Research Institute

    The Forest Research Institute is one of the prettiest examples of heritage based infrastructures of Dehradun. It has been standing tall since 1929, and is the perfect example of Greek Roman architecture. With lush green lawns surrounding it, we bet this is one tourist spot you'll not be able to click a bad photo of even if you tried.

    Mindrolling Monastery

    Again, another one of the most Instagramable places in Doon is The Mindrolling Monastery in Clementown. It’s a 45 minute drive. There are also authentic Tibetan restaurants around to grab a bite at. The Monastery was damaged in 1718 and then rebuilt in 1757. Also, it has the tallest stupa in all of Asia, which makes it an even more of a charmer and worth the drive. 

    The monastery closes at 7 pm every day. 

    Paltan Bazaar

    Paltan Bazaar is one of the oldest shopping areas in the entire town. Within the market area, the Clock Tower is a prominent attraction and landmark. You can also find lots of coffee houses and book shops here. In fact, you can even find pretty woollen sweaters and cardigans that are handmade by Tibetan women here. And, while you're there, don't forget to buy the market's famous Doon Basmati rice and brass-ware!

    Shiv Mandir

    The Shiv Mandir AKA the Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir, is located around 20.6 Kms (49 minutes) from Dehradun ISBT. It is a well known temple in Doon that should definitely be a part of your sight-seeing tour around the town. We recommend going here during the festive season because you'll be able to see pujas and celebrations taking place in full swing.



    Tapovan is another temple that you can head to. Mythologically, this temple is known for being the place of penance for Guru Dronacharya. And here's some good news for the adventure junkies out there, you can trek through the trail located above the Gangotri river to this temple. Tapovan is 5 kms away from Dehradun and there are plenty of cabs, or buses that go to and fro from these points. 

    You can also head to Tapovan ashram, where you can be a part of spiritual activities including yoga and meditation classes. This is basically a place for people who want to get away from the city's hustle-bustle, and there's a lot of greenery and calm surrounding the area. 


    You could go to this iconic bakery and tourist attraction, Ellora's Melting Moments to grab some cold coffee and pastries (we’re sure someone told you to get something back from here). Ellora's is known for its famous Dehradun rusks, delicious muffins, and cupcakes. Also, make sure you take home some stick jaws for friends and family! 

    PS: Everything at Ellora's is super easy on the pocket. You can get most pastries at around INR 70, whereas the shakes are for about INR 100 each.

    The 3 Pines Cafe

    At the 3 Pines you can enjoy a chill time in their stunning outdoor area. They're said to have an ambience that's true to Doon! This eatery mainly serves Italian, Mexican, Cafe, Thai, and grilled dishes. We recommend you try their fish and chips, pizzas, sizzlers, and burritos for sure!

    A meal here will cost you around INR 1000 for two people.

    The Great Indian Pub

    This is one of the more classic pubs in the town of Doon, and the best part about chilling over here would be that they host some nice live music gigs often. You can expect to get good cocktails and kebabs here. A meal at The Great Indian Pub will cost you INR 1,200 for two people. 


    An hour and a half away from Dehradun, is Landour. You can drive to this beautiful town or take a cab here (you can even rent a car and drive it to Landour which will cost you around INR 350). But, if you choose to take a cab, it will cost you around INR 750. 

    While in Landour you can go to several places to chill and eat. For instance, you can head to this major tourist fav - Chaar Dukaan. If you're looking for a fulfilling breakfast, they serve amazing pancakes, waffles and even the all-favourite-maggi. Other than this, you can head to Landour Bakehouse, where you can get lemon cakes, and steaming hot cups of ginger tea. A A meal at both these places can cost you between INR 250 - 700. 

    If you're looking for an accommodation option while you're there, you can try Doma's Inn, which is right next to Ruskin Bond's home. For shopping you can head to Sister's Bazaar, maybe head out to see St. Paul's church too.

    Find the complete day guide here.


    It takes about an hour to get to Mussoorie from Dehradun, and that makes it an easy travel for you to head to. In fact, you can catch a bus back and forth in between these spots for about INR 200 per ticket. 

    Once in Mussoorie, you can go shopping at the Mall Road or sightseeing to Kempty Falls, Happy Valley, Camel’s Back Road, Gun Hill, Mussoorie lake, or Lake Mist. Lal Tibba is a super scenic place to visit, especially if you're a nature lover! Other than this, Lake Mist is another place to chill at. 

    If you're looking to eat at a fancy place, then we suggest that you go to Trout House Grill & Bar, you can get a good view and a good meal there for sure.It is a bit pricey though and can cost you between INR 2K - 5K for two people. Other than this, you can also head to Cafe Tea Totaler or Chic Chocolate where you can get good pasta, drinks, and breakfast as well.  

    Robber's Cave

    Known as Guchhu Pani by the locals, Robber's Cave is situated about eight kilometres from Dehradun. To reach the spot, you'll have to trek for about a kilometre and then you'll be able to witness the beautiful, natural river flowing from the middle of a cave.

    Just in case, you are willing to trek for about half a kilometre more, you'll also be able to spot a waterfall. 

    The entry fee for the same is INR 25.


    Lacchiwalla in Dehradun is among the most popular attraction for picnics. It is located around 40 minutes from Dehradun and there are plenty of cottages and hotels that you can book if you plan to stay. Although, we recommend taking a day trip so, that you do not miss out on other attractions.