#TravelGoals: Head To Narendra Bhawan For An Insta-Worthy Getaway!

Narendra Bhawan


Once a palatial home of the last reigning king of Bikaner, Narendra Bhawan retells the story of royalty and luxury and pays homage to the life of Maharaja Narendra Singhji. Situated just 500 km from Delhi in the beautiful city of Bikaner, if you are planning a weekend escape for an insta-worthy getaway, Narendra Bhavan should be top of the list.

Why Should I Go Here?

Rajasthan is by far our favourite state to visit; the roads are smooth, people are genuine, food is awesome, the environment is rustic and everything is so colourful. All of that you will find at Narendra Bhawan.

If you ever wanted to experience how the kings lived their life; in plush décor amidst bountiful service, and do not want to spend your yearly budget on a two day trip, Narendra Bhawan will come to your rescue.

Be Part Of A Great Story

Every nook and corner of the hotel has a history, just pick any room and start reading. Seriously, the place is full of historical artifacts that just demand your attention. The rooms are aesthetically designed and the whole place feels like a home {the kind we’d like to have}.

With the veranda and gaushala reminiscent of old traditions along with an infinity pool overlooking the expanse of Bikaner city, there’s something for every one here.

What’s Winning Here?

Food! Really, we had the best time gorging on some local delicacies. While the menu covers a range of cuisines, go here to taste the authentic Rajasthani and Marwari cuisine.

Start your day with pyaaj ki kachodi and a glass of sweet lassi. Let afternoons be all about that regional thali and for your evening meal, choose dinner on the pool terrace.

But There’s More!

Oh, you don’t have to spend your day in the hotel. Narendra Bhawan offers some insane experiences, customised for each kind of traveller. Reveille, which is a unique breakfast spread by a lakeside, start your morning in an epic way with their offerings.

We recommend doing a merchant exploration, followed by lunch at the Haveli to truly experience the glories Bikaner has to offer. It’s a trail through the bylanes of Bikaner which explores the old city and ends with a sumptuous lunch at the Haveli.

An Evening Out

Finish off your day with sundowners at pastures. Like the sound of it? Sipping a glass of your poison, watching the setting sun in the pastures is how we want all our evenings to be. This is one experience you should definitely sign-up for.

So, We're Saying..

With great food amidst leatherbound aristocracy {in the words of Salman Rushdie}, Narendra Bhawan is truly a residence you will not want to leave. As Bikaner is just an overnight journey via train and eight hours of a great drive from NCR, let this be your weekend staycation plan.

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Narendra Bhawan