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#Planning A Wedding? This Brand’s Properties Are Worth Instagramming

    Chhattarpur, Delhi


    Got wedding bells ringing in your family? This gorgeous venue might just be ‘The one!’

    What Is It?

    Between the seemingly endless list of options and the confusing requirements, planning the perfect wedding can seem like a herculean task. Luckily, we’re here to help. Your choice of your wedding venue can have a major impact on the look and feel of your wedding thus it needs to be no less than perfect. We recently came across a site that was simply flawless that will surely check all your boxes. A premium location that corresponds with your style, Amaara Farms helps you celebrate the most important day of your life in a sumptuous manner. One might describe it as - “Bold, natural, fresh and rustic all at the same time. It is a blank canvas and can be accessorised to fit with your own unique vision and colour scheme”. 

    What Makes It Awesome?

    From rustic to elegant to classic to glamorous to romantic to minimalist, this place is perfect for all wedding styles. Furthermore, in case you don’t have a team of caterers and decorators already, this luxurious wedding venue has its own team of designers that help you build your dream wedding. Envision yourself walking down the passageway with a lavish green sight and a setting beautified with white blossoms and alluring lights above you and a banyan tree enlivened with decorations swinging from its branches. A place perfect for your intimate cozy wedding or a big fat Indian wedding, catering as per your preferences a guest list between 350 to 1500 people at once. Amaara wants your wedding day to be exactly what you dreamt of so as per your request, it gives you the freedom and flexibility unlike any other venue to paint your own canvas. On the spectrum of choosing the right wedding card templates and the more nitty-gritties such as photographers to pick out, what colour the flowers should be, this luxurious venue has a team in place you can consult with in order to enliven your perfect day. 

    So We Are Saying…

    If you want a gorgeous wedding venue that your friends can’t stop appreciating for months, Amaara farms is perfect for you!

      Chhattarpur, Delhi