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Plantable Seedpaper Cards, Underwear And Green Gifting At 21Fools

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    Gone are the days when you only had the option of gifting your loved ones, saplings. Enter 21 Fools, which has revolutionised green gifting with their innovative range of seed paper products.

    How Did 21 Fools Germinate?

    In the presently polluted atmosphere of Delhi, we happily endorse green gifting. 21 Fools started off as a greeting card company, that was using wood-free paper. They were constantly searching for ways to encourage people to plant trees on their own, and this search resulted in the birth of seed paper.

    Seed paper products are plantable and let you grow new plants and trees once you’re done using the products. We’re loving this.

    What To Pick

    The seed paper products from 21 Fools best epitomise ‘Make in India’, since right from printing, throughout the production process, everything is manually done by local craftsmen. From coasters to boxes, bookmarks to calendars, they have ’em all in seed paper.

    There are 15 different seed options currently to choose from—basil, marigold, chilli, grass and tomato can be planted all year round. And the best part—the seed paper is really easy to plant, just like any other seed actually. In fact, read more about it here. 

    Future Perfect

    Not just restricting themselves to plantable paper products—though we love the wrist bands, boxes and the pretty flowery seed paper cutouts—founder, Divyanshu Asopa tells us they also plan to include plantable pencils, and even plantable underwear {oh my!} for trekkers. Plantable wedding invites and their online store are expected to go live soon. 

    All their products can be customised. You can choose the colours, get your own designs printed on them and basically make something of your own.

    Where: D416, Bhoomi Hills Cooperative Housing Society, Thakur Village, Kandivali East, Mumbai; or shop here. 

    Price: INR 500 onwards

    Contact: 022 28878250

    Check out their website here and follow their Facebook page here.

      Available Online