Plants In Your Cocktails, On Your Plate & All Around: There’s A Green Bar Coming To G-Town!

    After a whole run-up to finding a certain drunken botanist who’d gone missing, the folks behind the microbrewery {with the same name}, are ready to reveal the botanist’s real identity. A video to reveal the whereabouts of this mad botanist {who got lost because he was so drunk}, will be up on the bar’s social media page in the next two days.

    If you, like us, have not had a chance to follow the search for this mysterious bar mascot who went missing, let us tell you what to expect. The Drunken Botanist is a new bar that’ll open its doors to everyone in another three weeks’ time {rumours have it, it’s expected around April 16th} and it’s the third microbrewery to come to the hub. The ambience is in keeping with the botany-theme, and we see a lush, green bar whose menu is going to have street-food from across the world. You can expect chaat from Australia, Italy, Greece and UK, to name a few. The bar menu is what’s going to be the real game-changer. Their concoctions will all be inspired by plants, herbs and flowers {move over, lavender and elder-flower, we’re going to be experimenting}.

    The fun spin on the marketing of this bar, what with that cute, green kiosk at Cyber Hub and all, ties in with the crazy vibe they’re going for. The management of The Drunken Botanist is the same as Molecule. So, go expecting that extra dose of drama.

    Oh, just to clarify, this plant-crazy bar is not just for yoga-and-smoothie loving folks. Nope; it’s a straight-up bar, and you won’t be forced into healthy eating if you prefer chicken legs on a plate instead of leg days at the gym.

    See you holding a plant drink, then?