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Here's Where To Score Great Plus-Sized Workout Wear

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It’s unfortunate that bigger brands haven’t realised the importance of plus-sized workout wear yet, but fret not, here are some people who understand that there’s life beyond size XL.


You might have to dig deep, but you’re likely to find a lot of gems here, at varying prices. They have everything from sports bras to yoga pants, leggings, basic T-shirts, and shorts.

#LBBTip: Make sure to double check the size chart before buying something.

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Ladies, you’ll find great track pants here, as well as basic crew neck T-shirts. Men, you’ll find T-shirts, sweatshirts, and track pants. Their sizes start from 1XL and go up to 8XL.

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Hit them up for track pants and leggings. The rest of their plus-sized collection consists of mainly jackets, kurtas and skirts—not very useful for working out. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to have much for men.

Shop online here.


Head here for sports bras in all sizes. You’ll also get great shapewear like tummy tuckers, waist clinchers, body suits and sculpting shorts, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Shop online here.

Export Surplus Stores

If you find an export surplus store near your house, chances are they’ll have a lot of great {mostly branded} merch, including T-shirts, yoga pants, sports bras, shorts and everything else. In our opinion, these are always the best bet, being both accessible and affordable.


The surplus stores always seem to carry better stuff for men.