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    Podcast Perfect: Tune Into These 5 Awesome Shows

    Tushar posted on 24 August

    IVM Podcasts, India’s biggest podcasting network, brings you 5 awesome shows you need to listen to this week - across genres like comedy, pop culture, entertainment. And the best part? LBB’s 12th #ifoundawesome podcast ever is live on IVM and Saavn! Catch the deets in the list below.

    The LBB #ifoundawesome Podcast: Episode 14

    Want to check out an exciting new restaurant near you, affordable furniture, or sweet deals around you? This week, we’re spilling all that and much more on the #ifoundawesome podcast so you can discover awesome wherever you are.

    Tune in here to get the deets on 5 new and unique places you need to check out in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune {you're welcome}.

    Wordy Wordpecker: Introduction

    New show alert! Introducing Wordy Wordpecker with Rachel Lopez. A podcast that looks at how words have changed over time and the crazy journeys they took to become what they are today. Each week, your host Rachel will breakdown fascinating words and why they mean what they mean. Tune in here to find out more!

    The Kinetic Living Podcast Ep. 02: Talking Fitness with Rohan Joshi

    The Kinetic Living Podcast with Coach Urmi is a show about keeping fit, both physically and mentally and leading a balanced lifestyle. She talks to some of the most interesting people, who share experiences from their fitness journey. On The Kinetic Living Podcast this week, Coach Urmi talks to one of the biggest comedians in the country and someone who has been extremely fitness inclined - Rohan Joshi! Find out about his fitness journey here!

    The Colaba Cartel: Ep. 03 Conceptualization

    Once upon a time, in the southernmost precinct of Mumbai, five collaborators came together to form The Colaba Cartel. They were Gauri Devidayal, Jay Yousuf, Abhishek Honawar, Pankil Shah and Sumit Gambhir. 

    What comes first, the location or the concept? On this episode, Gauri and Amit are joined by Jay, Abhishek and Sumit, who talk about how they created a holistic experience for Miss T and a lot more. Find out here!

    Cyrus Says. Ep. 290 Feat. Nihaal Mariwala

    It’s a definitive show where the inimitable Cyrus Broacha talks about life in urban India, sports, traffic, kids, food and simply everything that matters. It's an all new episode of Cyrus Says! This week, Cyrus  talks to the co-founder of Setu India, Nihaal Mariwala about his life in Morrisstown, NJ, the wellness industry in India and lots more.  Tune in here!

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