Shopping For A Friend's Wedding In SPJ? This Store Will Have You Sorted

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What Makes It Awesome

Poonam Arora in Shahpur Jat is a good, small designer store to hit up if you're looking to invest in something you can wear for wedding season. While the less discerning shopper might find something for their own wedding here, anyone looking for that extra bit of flash for their wedding outfit might be disappointed. However, anyone looking to put together an outfit that'll be a hit during shaadi season can find some fairly great options here.

If you like embellishments, this store will be your, erm, well, candy store. All that glitters may not be gold, but it is on the racks at Poonam Arora. From zari, silver thread work, metallic details (think gold foil inlays and sequins) and generally shiny fabrics (especially silks), the store does bling to a T. You'll find suits & lehngas, but I couldn't really find any saris in the mix. In terms of fabrics, you won't find light—more rich (brocade, chiffon, georgette; that sort of thing).

Honestly, avoid this store is you're just going for routine (not heavy-duty) Indianwear.

What Could Be Better

Honestly, more variety would have been fantastic.

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