Popsicle Cotton Sleepwear For a Kiddie Nighttime Treat

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Popsicle makes sweet little somethings for children’s bedtime, made from soft, well-spun cotton.

Sweet dreams are made of these

Most people agree – even if the little ones you know have been nothing short of trouble during the day, they look absolutely angelic when they finally {whenever that may be} go to sleep. Popsicle makes them even sweeter with their range of kiddie sleepwear and bed linen.

What you can expect

Firstly, all cottons. You don’t want anything, ever, that might make those little sleepyheads awaken from their scheduled slumber. Well-spun cottons that are comfortable and comforting play their part in making bedtime that much smoother to settle into. Breathable cottons are also a breath of fresh air from jersey knit nightsuits that can get these delicate sleepers hot and bothered. The designs are cute and quirky, running the gamut of the animal kingdom from fish to elephants, and some other children’s {ahem, and adults’} favourite things like cupcakes and, of course, popsicles.

Who gets a taste of Popsicle

Kids aged 1 till 12! You might wonder how the same design works for such a wide age group, but then again, we found a few pieces that we wouldn’t mind for ourselves. There are crib sets for the youngest ones and bedsheets for bigger kids.

For more information and to order: Click here

Prices: Sleeping shorts at INR 850, night suits at INR 1,300 and bed linen from INR 2,100.