By Editors

We’re big fans of our neighborhood Bihari joint, and we’re happy Central Delhi now has better access to it. Enfolding a garden, sun soaked, complete with giant bay windows, is Potbelly part deux, in Bihar Niwas, Chanakyapuri.

As for the interiors, think kitschy cool, complete with multi coloured and upholstered chairs, hanging light installations {but, of course} and enough space between tables to ensure privacy {in case Bihar Niwas is where you’re going to find some}.

As for the menu, wow, don’t get us started. The menu comprises Bihari cuisine, almost identical to its SPJ sister. For starters,   expect different varieties of Maggi, rolls {pepper chicken for the win}, Bihari starters comprising Pakoras, Saboodana baskets, a Parontha Basket, Poori Basket, Meat Pakora Basket, Keema Aloo Chop and Machhlo Goli {winning by the way}. As for main course, may we suggest the Bihari burger, khada masala chicken and/or mutton, the Pudina Chicken Pulao and the Champaran Style Mutton. There’s also the seafood platters, for a little experimentation.

The first commercial restaurant to run shop in a state owned Niwas, don’t expect regular Bhavan, canteen-esque prices. It’s definitely pricier, but we can assure you, it’s worth every extra rupee spent.