Always Wanted To Wear Print-On-Print? Khyati Pande Rocks At Mixing ‘Em


Khyati Pande’s label Itr is where textiles and prints come together in ways they probably haven’t before. It’s all quite glorious.

Small Beginnings

A NIFT graduate with a vague idea in mind, Khyati Pande started Itr in the small room in her roof {along with a Facebook page}. Since then, the brand has come a long way and has got its own distinct style—a mix of romantic vintage patterns and modern silhouettes. We sure are loving it.

Tartan Talk

Mixing prints {bold ones, especially} is something we leave for big fashion stylists, solely because we’re absolutely no good at it. We had almost given up hope of ever getting it right, let alone mastering it, when we found Itr.

They’ve taken checks, vintage florals, tartan, ikat, Aztec, and stripes, and put them together {in single pieces of clothing as well as by layering pieces}. If we did it, the result would be disastrous, but when Khyati pulls it off, the results are stunning.

Kimono cape dresses, long shirts, flared overcoats, dual overcoats, garden dresses, cape shirts, and shawl jackets—the collection is full of many beauties. This Floral Grid Shirt is our favourite. What about you?