Private Jet Flights, Kennel Visits Or Movie Dates, These Guys Plan The Best Surprises!


Three-years-old gifting company, Oye Happy, is a life saviour for everyone who sucks at planning surprises. Whether you’re looking at something small and heartfelt {an audio greeting card? Or a special message in a bottle?} or something outrageous like a private jet flight {or limousine drive?}, they curate a bunch of gifts and experiences across 600 Indian cities!  

They Have The Gift Of Creativity

The idea of planning a surprise gift is great in theory but all the planning/shopping that goes into it can scare even the most manic organisers into hiding. This is where the Oye Happy folks come in. Right from funky picture collages you can never create to cool LED cards and even glitter bombs and kinky games even {ahem}, they deliver their customised gifts across the country. Also, they start from INR 299! Being broke and clueless was never this easy. Right? 

We’re digging these personalised framed doodles {OMG, we’re getting cupcakes, unicorns and puppies!} and handwritten letters. Yes, we’re kinda cheesy that way… Old school romance and all.

In general, there’s a whole bunch of really creative things too. Think the possibility of naming a star after your beloved to little treasure hunts.

They Have Great Connections Too

Agreed that there are a lot of start-ups doing gifts but Oye Happy’s got an insane variety. Also, their curated experiences are really what take the cake. Whether you want to go all out on your anniversary and reserve a rooftop dinner just for the two of you or a candle-lit evening at a private cabana, they’ve got you covered. Needless to say, these private jet things can set you back by a few lakhs, maybe. Something more doable? Go for a clay date and try your hand at pottery together

If Varun, one of the happy founders is to be believed, Delhi’s really one for loving weird, OTT surprise gifts. “Our party car service and the idea of being at an actual haunted place with people dressed as ghosts cutting your cake on the special day are Delhi favourites. Even pet resort visits where doggie lovers can be smothered by puppy love are a hit,” says Varun. The point being, our city likes strange things. But hey, who are we to judge. We’re just glad we aren’t doing all the hard work.

They make these amazing things possible because the folks at the venture have tied up with the city’s best restaurants, artists and other service providers.

So, We're Saying...

Don’t wait for your first anniversary or your dad’s birthday. Out of turn surprises are the best. Turn bae’s bad day around by sending over a guitarist to play her favourite song right at her doorstep.