Schedule Your Next Breakfast Meeting At Qahwa Dinercafe In SDA

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Your best bet for breakfast in SDA and surrounding areas, Qahwa doubles down on a vast menu of teas, coffees and eggs in a dozen different ways, and a bomb Spinach Cheese Toast.

Who Is It For?

Breakfast junkies and people living/working in the vicinity of SDA. It’s reasonably priced and apparently opens at 7 in the morning {I haven’t been here before 8.30am}, and covers all the breakfast bases {waffles, pancakes, coffee, eggs}.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The cafe is quite big and sparsely spruced up; with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. They’ve got pop music on the speakers, sleepy {it was 8.30am, in their defence} but warm staff, and free Wi-Fi that works.

Must Try

I’ve stuck to their coffees, scrambled eggs, mushroom on toast, and a super spicy and rich spinach and cream cheese toast {called Spanish toast if I’m not mistaken}. Their tea cakes are a nice accompaniment to a small cuppa cappuccino.

What Made Your Experience Awesome?

It opens bright and early in the morning, which is win for early-birds like myself. It’s not fancy {trackpants/pyjamas will fly}, and checks all the right boxes if you’re looking for comfort food and coffee at a good price.


It’s a great place for early morning meetings!