Qla Has A Killa Menu Full Of Duck And Cheese

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Call it haveli chic or modern, QLA is magical, opulent and all things fine. From the interiors to the glittering bar, the charm extends from the walls to the food.

Chow Down

Smoked Duck with Truffles, Duck Leg Confit, Porcini Mushroom and Basil Dust

Sip On

Customised cocktails- name the spirit and let the bar handle it

Winning For

Hyper modern food that’s both gorgeous and deeply satisfying paired perfectly with the finest of wine labels

Distinguished and Discreet

Qla is where lovers come to dine, those in love and those who love, food that is. The romance of the environs seamlessly extends into the food which is as fashionable as the place you’re sitting at.

The menu is a carnivore’s delight with an old-school roast chicken served with house-made mustard butter, mashed potatoes and baby leeks. For the more adventurous, there is the utterly delightful duck and truffles, duck seared in duck fat {like there’s any other way!} served with black truffle jus and a side of potatoes.

We fell for the more substantial meats though- Braised Yorkshire Pork Belly served with braised pok choy and an apple cider cream that pairs so perfectly with pork.

Vegetarians needn’t despair, they’re likely to be served the ultimate in edible art with The Garden- smoked chèvre with 18 edible elements plated to look like, well, a garden! If that’s not exotic enough, then try the dehydrated carrot braised with cinnamon oil served with a BBQ sauce that’s infused with an espresso shot, and has added flavours of nutty parmesan and stingy wasabi.

Deathly Desserts

After a meal like that, the desserts keep the ante upped! There’s a chèvre and white chocolate mousse with raspberry crisps and a sauce made of raspberries and Pinot Noir. Though we would take it up a notch and recommend the black truffle crème brulee; there has never been a better dessert with mushrooms maybe because there has never been a dessert with mushrooms to begin with.


When you go, ask for special recommendations by chef Priyam, his new menu game is on fleek.