Vodka Momo & Afghani Chicken At Queen's Boulevard

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Queen’s Boulevard {previously Queen’s Kitchen} is now a two-storey joint in Amar Colony, but still does a range of Indian tandoori fare along with tandoori momo, Afghani momo and their claim to fame: The vodka momo.

Two Of Our Favourite Things

Momo and vodka. The peeps at Queen’s Boulevard have figured out a way to merge the two.

Whereas we feared we were going to be getting little flour balls filled to the brim with vodka, we were just a little relieved {and a little disappointed, maybe} that the vodka is mixed in the batter and not the filling.

Once it’s got a definite shape, the momo are popped into the tandoor, and then doused in tomato onion gravy, making this a very flavoursome affair. However, we couldn’t taste the vodka too much.

A Few More Of Our Favourite Things

If a big fat Indian meal is right up your alley, we’d strongly recommend going down this one. They’ve got a range of delish dishes including a beautiful Afghani Chicken, dal makhni, mutton curry and butter chicken.

We’d suggest staying off the biryani {and the pasta, and the pizza} and instead opting for a veg pulao, Makhmali Paratha or the classic butter naan.


Request the momowalla to go a tad heavier on the booze if you really want to get a taste. Also, they’re open till 1am.