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Pick Big Fat Sandwich For Gourmet Sandwiches Full Of Flavour

Navni posted on 5th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Situated in the area between two malls, Big Fat Sandwich is a container-turned café which invites tired shoppers with its aroma of bacon, pork, pesto and fresh ingredients. They also have an outlet in Select Citywalk.

Chow Down

The Morning After, The Forbidden Belly

Sip On

Cold Coffee

Winning For

The super quick, polite service, and the flavours

Gourmet Fast Food

We’re convinced that Big Fat Sandwich is exactly what Delhi needed; just a brief glimpse at the menu had us smiling.

With names like The Green Lantern, The Firecracker and The Morning After, we could barely contain{er} our excitement. The Texas Massacre {BBQ style pulled pork} is a great pick for pork lovers with the copious amount of fatty pork it contains, as is the The Morning After, which we feel is a must-eat. {Two words: Coffee-glazed bacon}.

The Green Lantern {paneer and pesto} tasted like it was picked freshly out of a herb garden, and the Berrilicious, a concoction involving cucumber, walnuts and plum goat cheese is a definite winner. We’re definitely going back for more.

Bread And Gone

Apart from the sandwiches, they have fries, salads and an amazing pork belly. They also have a huge selection of sauces—garlic aioli, mayonnaise etc— but honestly we feel like the sandwiches are good enough as is.

Find them on Facebook here.


Spare a moment to talk to the owner, Anant or the chefs; they’re more than happy to guide you through this culinary journey.

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Big Fat Sandwich

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Vasant Kunj

Ambience Mall, Over Bridge, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Big Fat Sandwich

Vasant Kunj
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