We're Digging Art By This Vintage Paper Doodler!

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Architect-turned-graphic designer Bakula Nayak has found a brand new medium to express her stories through art by painting on vintage documents and making them timeless.

What Do We Have Here?

Having spent some time in New York, Bakula made her way back home to India to pursue her love for arts and make a living out of it. She paints on vintage documents, like old love letters, bank documents, postcards, stamp paper, bills and legal documents from the early 1900’s. One could even find birds, animals, food and mundane day-to-day objects in her artwork.

Why Vintage Paper?

When asked about the love for vintage, she went on to tell us her love for old things and how she’s been collecting vintage paper since forever. According to her, everything vintage has a beautiful story to tell, so if one can enhance that create something even more magical out of it, then why not?

Where Can I Find It?

You can get in touch with Bakula to find out more about her work and her paintings, purchase a few pieces, and frame them to give that old vintage feel to your walls. Her paintings are usually priced between INR 10,000 to INR 35,000. They’re also available in Bangalore at the Kynkyny Art Gallery and Kolkata at Amami Chisel Art. For Delhi folks, you can directly get in touch with her, order your own piece and find out when she’s exhibiting in Delhi next.

So We’re Saying…

Get your groove back for some funky vintage stuff to go with your house!

Find her on Facebook here.

Contact: +91 9901366266