For those folks who were heart-broken when Raahgiri Days ended in CP, they’ve started up in another part of the NCR – Dwarka! For those of you in the dark, Raahgiri Day happens once a week, where they cordon a section of the roads to provide a space for non-motorized vehicles to ride by effortlessly and pedestrians to walk, partake in zumba, and skate. This happens between 7am and 12pm, for communities to come together and participate {there’s been street dancing, yoga sessions and so much more!}.

Raahgiri goes by the motto ‘apni rahen, apni azaadi’; occupants of the city pour in to take back the streets and celebrate life. After weeks of activity in CP, it’s now in Dwarka; giving the inhabitants of the area a reason to celebrate. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill or breathe a sigh of relief and let your little ones whiz around on their cycles, worry-free.

LBB Insider: They’re also looking for volunteers to set up each week’s event so if that’s your thing, look up the how-to’s on their website {listed below.}

Find out more here.

For regular updates, check out their Facebook page here.