Get Stunning Lamps, Glassware & Cushion Covers At This Store

What Makes It Awesome?

Rajee Sood Home is synonymous with understated luxury, products of high quality, and craftsmanship, and the best part is the story attached to each piece, the attention to detail, and the way Rajee regales you in a special way all the pieces are created. Rajee Sood, the dynamic person behind this endeavour, is driven by her passion for Indian art and craft. Her incredible knowledge about the techniques, traditions, and legends behind each artwork is impressive. I learnt a lot from my informal chat with her over coffee. The store is spread over two floors, and is replete with in-house designed home linen - indigo-hued cushions, in various styles and textures, table linen, runners, mats, and more. A gallery wall of cow heads which are created during the Mattu Pongal celebrations. A stunning vignette of orange Theyyam heads takes centre stage in a well-appointed corner of the store. There is a wooden Ganesha carved by a master sculptor in the South of India, the original was in brass, but he carved the same design in a local wood from South. The glassware is spectacular, Rajee gets them custom-made from Firozabad; the cut of the glass, the colours, and shapes are mesmerising. A cornucopia of home decor elements is strewn artistically all around the store - beautiful ceramics, cowrie shell mirrors, woodwork, jute rugs with geometric patterns made with recycled plastic, handmade crochet toys, vases in different shapes, and colours. Rajee’s passion for the history and legends of India are apparent in the beautiful, handcrafted artworks which fill the store. So if you are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces with history and exemplary craftsmanship, then look no further and head to this lovely store.

What Could Be Better?

Absolutely nothing.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Family and Bae