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Promoting artisanal cheese-making at home, Ranikhet Cheese retails and sends over DIY kits that ensure high-quality, easy to preserve, low-cost cheeses.

Say Cheese

Since we were super uneducated and unaware about artisanal cheese, we decided to explore the cheese-making scene in Delhi. Ranikhet Cheese told us that most of the cheese available in the market {specially Indian-made} is processed.

In fact, the primary difference between processed and artisan cheese is that processed cheese uses only a portion of pure cheese and is blended with milk, helping to increase the quantity and bring down prices. Artisanal cheese, on the other hand, uses only 100 per cent pure cheese {making it a little more expensive}.

Make or Break it

Making your own cheese obviously has its benefits. The cheese-maker {we mean you!} will soon be able to make the process cost-effective, and understand what cows eat and how it impacts the quality of milk and cheese.

Their Do It Yourself kit is good enough for one kg {yield is based on quality of milk} and includes the culture for one kind of cheese. It also comes with a separate type of cheese, which could be anything from Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, feta or chèvre to Parmesan, Romano, mozzarella, provolone, Swiss, mascarpone and cream cheese.

Buyer’s Delight

You can also buy their artisanal cheeses—they have a Matahari V1 {which is their own cheese}, Dino {similar to Romano} and Tiger {similar to Parmesan} in both one kg and 500 grams wheels.

They deliver within NCR and you can order through their Facebook page.

Where: Shop here. 

Price: INR 900 to INR 4,500

Timings: 9am – 11am; 9pm – 11pm

Contact: +91 9811267111

Follow their Facebook page here.

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Ranikhet Cheese

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