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Try Some Ras Bhari Ras Malai At The Poddar Misthaan Bhandar

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This one is one of the oldest sweet shops in Jaipur, which is known for its quality and customer satisfaction. It definitely has one of the best ras malai we’ve ever had.

How Was Your Experience?

After indulging in some delicious ras malai from here, my palate won’t accept ras malai from anywhere else. I’m now compelled to make an annual trip to Jaipur every December just for some pretty awesome sweet treat{s}. Ask him to give you some extra ‘ras’. You’ll be glad you did.

What Should You Eat?

The ras malai is definitely a must try. Also get your hands on their ghevar and rasgullas.

Who Is It For?

Anybody and everybody who has a daring sweet tooth. This place is about all things sweet. If you’re facing health problems due to sugar, I would definitely not recommend this place. You can obviously try some dry fruits though


Park wherever you find parking at Johari Bazaar and walk down to the place.