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Raspberry Lemonade To Red Velvet: This Camac Street Eatery Has A Host Of Unique Teas

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If you don’t know about the newest addition to our favourite Park Street area - ‘Foxtrail’, then you must be living under a rock and you might as well read more about it here. What’s more exciting is their new menu that comprises of 6 exotic mocktails, infused with tea. 

High Tea Time

Iif you’re a chai freak or, somebody who simply loves to try new types of drinks without alcohol, then we suggest you head to Foxtrail  - they’re shaking up some flavorful glasses of tea mocktails that are perfect for the summers. The new menu contains six varieties of mocktails, like the Chill Maar Yaar With Ice Tea Jar. This pretty pink drink is soothing, slightly sweet, and has a hint of tanginess infused with rose mint tea and peach syrup, garnished with fresh mint leaves and rose petals. The Zesty Ginger Tea is infused with orange cinnamon, ginger and topped off with Malta orange wedges. The cinnamon, along with the zestiness of the oranges give it a sharp, refreshing taste. What really fascinated us were the ingredients used in the Bubbly Jasmine Tea. Made with lavender extract and jasmine tea, it had oodles flavor and, is served in a tall glass, topped with tonic water. Infused with renowned Darjeeling tea and apple cinnamon is the Black & Tan. This one’s slightly blunt in taste compared to the others.  If you like flavored teas, order the Oh Cha Raspberry Lemonade that has raspberry and blueberry cheesecake tea and is garnished with cherries and gold dust (though we didn’t find any cheesecake flavor, honestly). Lastly, sultry days call for watermelons and the Flamingo has them infused with red velvet tea and honey though we did find it a tad too sweet and lacking strength of the tea flavour. 

Anything Else?

All mocktails are priced at flat INR 215 plus taxes, which is quite a deal we think. If you want to taste these tea babies, you might as well hurry, cause it’s a limited edition menu.