Grills Galore: Score Meat for Your Next BBQ Party


    In the frigid temperatures we’re expecting soon, the only thing better than having a hot meal is barbeque-ing your favourite meats and veggies. Invite a few close friends, put on some old-school tunes and grill away! Here’s a list of places to get the raw {and sometimes marinated} material from.



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    Organic eggs, chicken, mutton, pork, sausages, ham and meatballs; when it comes to raw meat and meat products, Zappfresh has it all. And it promises to deliver the freshest fare to your doorstep {within 90 minutes}.

    Where: Delivery only. Order online here.

    Kallu Meat Shop

    One of the oldest establishments in Hauz Khas market, their raw meat and meat products rank very high on the quality scale. They have most of our basic types of meats, cold-cuts and even semi-cooked pieces that just need a little time on the fire.

    Oberoi Patisserie & Delicatessen

    Offering high quality products like home-made pastas, fresh breads and imported meats, the Oberoi Patisserie is sure to bring only the best to their table for you to sample and take home.

    Find out more here.

    French Farms

    Roger Langbour’s organic farm houses ducks, quail, chicken, and turkey, as well as pig and fowl. You can either call up the farm or make the trip; it’s far, but worth the effort.

    Find out more here.

    INA Market

    INA Market

    INA, Delhi

    The food market at INA is one of the best places to purchase fresh meats. There is an extensive variety and it’s probably the best quality. The best part? You can pick up other supplements for your meal that you ordinarily wouldn’t find in any other market.

    Find out more here.

    M.I. Meat Shop

    For your kebab cravings, head to this meat supplier. They’ve got succulent selections perfect for a cold winter evening.

    Where: Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony

    Nearest Metro Station: JLN Stadium

    Contact: 011 46259791

    Modern Bazaar

    Modern Bazaar

    New Friends Colony, Delhi

    Modern Bazaar has an entire section dedicated to just meat and delicatessen. Choose from a variety of chicken, mutton and seafood, marinated in delicious spices.

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