New Gramophone House for Vinyl Records and Record Player Repairs

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The nondescript New Gramophone House houses an awe-inspiring wall to wall collection of old {and new} vinyl records. They also repair old gramophones and take special orders for newer records.

Records Galore

This small room of records is nestled in a tiny nook in Nai Sadak. Anuj Rajpal, the person running the place is likely to be found in the store, helping customers rummage through an extensive collection of records, troubleshooting issues with players, and enjoying playing a record or two for his patrons. You could find yourself records of all artists from Jack Johnson and B.B.King, to Kishore Kumar and Mehdi Hasan. You could also check out their website for turntables, record players, spares and a selection of over 3,000 titles for sale. Records are priced starting at INR 500, and go up to INR 2,000, depending on their condition and rarity

So, We’re Saying…

NGH might be a small area but the collection is huge and you won’t be disappointed. Go find your fix, be it the tunes of DDLJ or those of Vampire Weekend and if, by the slightest chance you don’t find what you are looking for, just order it and they’ll have it arranged for you.


You can buy out-of-use pieces to use as room decor!