Ten Second Takeaway

An organisation that looks into the creation and curation of culture and arts within Delhi and pan-India, Red Earth organises cultural festivals, walks, exhibitions and art fairs.

A long journey

Way back in 2004, Himanshu Verma {an arts curator} started Red Earth as an independent organisation that looks out for diverse ways in which one can engage with the arts. From showcasing Indian contemporary art to having a saree festival; from exhibiting unusual T-shirt prints to portraying the work of a printmaker; from the religious to the modernistic, Red Earth has done, {and brought}, it all together. Rebelling against labels {like classical, modern, contemporary or folk}, the organisation has no concept of art being either high or low, but sees it as a seamless body of expression that is multidisciplinary and multifarious.

Mishmash of forms

Red Earth believes in an Indian cultural ethos where dance, drama, paintings, crafts and music are all interrelated as well as dependant on each other. The organisation claims to work towards the enmeshing of the modern and the traditional in their exhibitions, attempting to create a renaissance of sorts. Over the last few years it has gained a pretty large public following, mainly due to its informed work in reviving traditions. Yes, we’re talking about their gorgeous Saree Festival, and seasonal fairs that seek to revive ancient festivals.


Totes pops

We know that their Monsoon Festival {which is super contemporary} has become an important part of Delhi’s cultural calendar and are looking forward to them doing a Diwali special. Not only that, certain small projects like The Genda Phool Project have germinated under the wing of Red Earth.

Contact:  011 41671100, 011 41764054 or email them at himanshu@redearthindia.com

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