Ladies, Join Red Mat Pilates To Get Fit & Flexible

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Red Mat Pilates is an all-woman fitness group for all ages, with some excellent instructors.

How Was Your Experience?

First and foremost, the studio and the equipment provided by them are fabulous! I joined the Group Mat Classes and found the the instructors to be highly professional, and at the same time dedicated to each individual.

They make an inquiry about your health and whether or not you have any illness {a weak back, pain in the knees}, and accordingly alter the exercise pattern for you. After attending four months of these classes I can really feel the change in my body; I’ve become more flexible and toned.

What Else?

I suggest you call them up and book your discovery session. I started with the Mat Classes and am now looking forward to shifting to the reformer classes.


The Golf Course Road Studio is in the lane after the Dell office when coming from Sikandarpur.

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