Paan Shakes & Chocolatey Waffles: This Popular Chandigarh Dessert Parlour Is Now Open In Delhi

    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi


    Get Desserted is one of Chandigarh’s popular dessert parlours doing stellar shakes, comforting waffles and gooey brownies. While there isn’t a dearth of dessert places in the city, this one we feel is definitely one of the fool-proof good ones. And it’s open till 1am!

    Desserts Are Always A Good Idea

    While we have mixed feelings about this dessert parlour’s name, we’re ready to keep those feelings aside because their food and service pretty much make up for it.

    Having opened less than a month ago in the GK-1 market, Get Desserted is a tiny but adorable dessert parlour with lovely teal and white interiors. You’ll find only a few chairs inside but you always have the option to enjoy your desserts on the stairs outside. The outside area’s super pretty too with fairy lights and lots of green {we’re only hoping that they add chairs there, eventually}.

    Coming to the food itself, we definitely recommend their Ferrero Rocher Waffle that was generously doused with the melted Ferrero chocolate and chunks of nuts. It was just how a waffle should be – crisp on the outside and so very comforting and warm on the inside. We also tried the Paan Shake and were happily surprised to discover it didn’t have an overwhelming paan taste but just enough to freshen you up. Some of our colleagues also tried their Gulab Jamun ice cream and Mango Sorbet which they weren’t particularly excited about {but we liked that the sorbet was just the right amount of sweet}.

    So, We're Saying..

    They’ve got a section of ice creams with Indian dessert flavours like Gulab Jamun and Motichoor Ice Cream which we feel might be an acquired taste. If you’re sticking to the usual red velvets and choco-fudges, we guarantee that you’ll leave a happy soul.

    There’s a reason why Get Desserted’s so popular in Chandigarh. It’s a whole lot of amazing sweet treats and the most hospitable staff. We’re definitely coming back for their Litchi Yogurt and Death by Chocolate. See you there soon?

      Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi