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    Form, Finery & Function: Juttis Reinvented by Fizzy Goblet

    Editors posted on 26 October


    Reinventing the original Indian shoe is a label called Fizzy Goblet. They create handcrafted camel leather juttis with contemporary prints and a cushioned sole.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The founder, Laksheeta, started off by painting plain white canvas shoes, just to add a dash of colour to her daily wardrobe, and one fine day she thought of experimenting with juttis, which gave birth to Fizzy Goblet. Their philosophy is to draw from their roots, supporting local artisans in the process–we love it!

    Whether it’s the combination of brogues and juttis (hello, versatility) or the wedding collection in royal colours and embellishments, there’s a wide range to choose from–you can go the traditional route and pair it with Indian wear, or step out of the box and create an unorthodox ensemble. All we’re saying is, you should!

    Brides and bridesmaids, take note...

    They've now come up with a Fizzy Goblet Bridal Box Set which has a pair of monogramed handcrafted juttis with the word 'bride' embroidered on the back, a shoe bag with a quote printed on it, a gift card and a personalised note–all of this packed in a floral box with a gold-foiled message on it. They've got two variants to choose from–silver & gold box and antique gold box. 

    Apart from the juttis, they've also got slip ons, brogues, loafers, sneakers–all of these in a jutti style. We say you give these a look, too.

    What Could Be Better

    We wish they had a brick and mortar store for the people who like to touch and feel the product before buying it. Having said that, they do have a solid return policy in place, so it shouldn't be a problem. 

    Pro Tip

    They'll even make a custom sized pair of juttis for you–just contact them via their website.They also recommend choosing a snug fit as leather expands after a couple of weeks of wear. 

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