Ten-Second Takeaway

Shahpur Jat’s newest addition, Remember Me Cafe is a confusing mix of Italian, continental and a smattering of Chinjabi. The blue and yellow space makes for the ideal setting to take a quick break after a long day of shopping.

Chow Down

Rosemary Lamb with Red Wine Jus

Sip On

Country Lemonade

Winning For

Their balcony {equipped with yellow wooden bar stools} which winds across the indoor seating areas overlooking the entrance of Shahpur Jat.

Hello Blellow

Image courtesy: RMC Remember me cafe

Photo source: RMC Remember me cafe

Since most of us walk in everywhere with our heads bent into our phones, the tiled floors at Remember Me are possibly the first thing you’ll see. The traditional  mosaic-like tiles may set you in the mood for some good ol’ Italian chorizo and lasagna. But this isn’t what you’re getting, so might as well look up.

The cutesy yellow and blue “bar” takes centre stage and this is where you’ll see the mixologist {who also doubles as the chef and occasionally the server} juggle bottles of Monin syrups and whip up your choice of mocktail. There’s plenty of natural light and as your favourite Christmas carol may put it, all is calm and all is bright.

The music isn’t too loud and comprises a mix of current day hits, old pop {think Wonderwall} and some classics. There is also a caricature of an Amitabh Bacchan lookalike on one wall, we’re not quite sure why.

They Had Us At Aloo

But not very much else. We started with a portion of the Honey Chilli Potato, which were essentially French fries doused in a spicy sauce with honey. These were perfectly crispy, but lacked the customary sesame seeds – we would have also appreciated a little more spice. The Rosemary lamb was well-done but the accompanying sauce didn’t add much to the dish as a whole, as both the things were salty. The fries however, were crispy slivers of perfection.

The pizza here can be given a miss – the pre-packaged base didn’t do much for us.

We weren’t insanely impressed with the food, but we were impressed that there was only one person behind the whole show, and we couldn’t help but stare as he prepared milkshakes, chopped vegetables like a pro, sprinkled seasoning and effortlessly flitted between the kitchen, the counter and  the tables.

So, We’re Saying…

Photo source: Navni Kumar/LBB

Photo source: Navni Kumar/LBB

Remember Me’s good for unwinding at after you’re done traipsing through the various boutiques at Dada Jungi. They still have a long way to go with perfecting the food but we’re trusting they’ll get there over time. Don’t forget to try their Country Lemonade – nimbu paani with kaala namak and cranberry juice. They do a pretty decent iced cafe latte too.

Where: JP House, First Floor, 118 {next to Apartment 9}, Shahpur Jat

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas/ Green Park

Contact: +91 9899810118

Price: INR 1,000 for two {approx.}

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Featured photo source: Navni Kumar/LBB