Bed, TV & Cushion Covers: Rent Everything Your Home Could Possibly Need With This Service


City Furnish might seem like yet another furniture rental company but it’s not. Apart from addressing your appliances and furniture needs, it lets you rent soft furnishings, like bed sheets and cushion covers, for a time period that’s entirely up to you. Plus, it undertakes free installation and shipping, 3-day delivery and is even okay with you modifying renting tenures, if your employer suddenly has different plans for you.

From Cups To Cupboards

Apart from pre-decided packages that best fit a model room, it lets you customise your own spaces depending on area and requirements {think the typical Subway approach}. They have an easy 72-hours delivery and they set everything up without a fuss as well. So, whether you’re setting up a studio apartment, looking to create a compact start-up office or just want a low-investment treadmill to test the waters… it’s all here for people moving to Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida.

In case somewhere down the line you decide to change your mind and keep the wardrobe you once rented, just let them know and they’ll communicate the price differential so you can pay and keep it. In fact, you can even send back things you aren’t too happy with. Sounds easy? Well, it really is.

The Things That Set Them Apart

Just like a wise, far-sighted mother, they also have a house essentials option that has 27 daily use items that you’ll never think you need until you’ve lived by yourself for 2 days and realise how insufficient your life is without them. Think things like a pressure cooker, a broom, mugs, a tea strainer, small dustbins and more. You’re free to pick and drop items based on whether or not you’re a tea person and the rental cost starts at INR 1,150.

So, We're Saying...

If this sweet, nurturing side doesn’t take the sting away from relocation, you’re probably being a bit unreasonable. Another way it makes us feel at home? It gives related options of bed sheets, pillows and side tables when you’re putting that single bed in the cart because, you know, sometimes you forget even the most basic things.