13 Restaurants And Bars At DLF Commons That You Must Check Out

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DLF Mall Saket has recently opened up DLF Commons, a cool new space to eat, chill, and meet with a community of people who love good food, fashion and good old socialising. From quick bite to bold pan-Asian, modern Indian to classic Continental, COMMONS is your one stop destination. And here are the new restaurants you have to check out at DLF Commons.

Pro Tip: The easiest way to reach DLF Commons is through the North side entrance of DLF Mall Saket, which is also the main entrance. As you walk past The Big Chill, you will see a lane of restaurants offering multi-cuisines in a unique dining experience, that’s your destination.


Known for it's easy-going vibes, wine, coffee and an equally good mix of good food, Perch has now blessed DLF Commons with its presence. What we also really like here is the vegan options they have on their menu. For instance, their Avocado Tartare (or Pumpkin Hummus) on Multigrain Toast sounds like a killer deal, doesn't it? 

What To Order: Their gin cocktails, Potato Gnocchi, Grilled avocado on corn tacos served with cassava chips and salad.

Price For Two: INR 2500 (approximately.)

Pro Tip: Our founder also recommends them for their Spritz.

Mai Bao

Mai Bao is a spot for Singaporean, modern, street food that is authentic, thanks to the menu being curated by a celebrity checf from Singapore. We also love the overall ambience of the place that a good blend of pastel shades that gives it a cool look. For all the Bubble Tea lovers, you've to try their offerings. They're pretty good.

What To Order: Creamy Mushroom Shengjian Bao, Chicken Shanghai Dumplings and Yam Puffs.

Price For Two: INR 1400 

Ping’s Cafe Orient

This healthy Asian street food restaurant is casual, quirky and chic. They serve authentic South East Asian street food with delicacies from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Burma, Japan and the Philippines (yes, that's quite a variety.) Their menu has low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free options too. But what they are also known for are their cocktails. 

What To Order:  Miso Mary and Singapore Sling in cocktails. Dim sum, Tofu and Sushi.

Price For Two: INR 2000 (approximately.)

Over Easy

Breakfast lover, sweet tooth or just someone who believes in the supremacy of the classic toastie, if you haven't made your way to this place yet, you're missing out. On the menu, you'll find an array of toasties, with the option to go for savoury or sweet (we'll be picking both). Savoury picks include avocado toast, mushrooms, chilli cheese (our favourite) and fancier ones with truffle, glazed ham and braised lamb. Onto the sweet picks, you can get an apple pie toastie, mango brioche toast, Nutella & banana toastie and a ton more. We especially love their Soft serve sundae. After a long, long day of shopping, we can't think of a better way to end our trip to the mall than with childhood nostalgia (but elevated.)

What To Order:  Chilli Cheese toastie and Bananut Toastie paired with Summery Berry with graham cracker. Perfect for that cheat day meal.

Price For Two: INR 500 (approximately)

Mary Lou's

Contrary to what it represents this diner looks like a modern atelier with it’s carefully curated artisanal pieces and minimalistic ambience. Mary Lou’s takes you on a nostalgia trip with the food reminding you of a heartily prepared meal by your grandmother. A mix of bento cakes, hand-rolled artisanal pasta, burgers to curry bowls, Mary Lou has it all.

What To Order: Smokey Chicken Flat Bread, and Mary's Black & White Fettuccine.

Price For Two: INR 1200

Rosie & Tillie

Rosie & Tillie, is a concept of plurality due to the interesting nature of the place. It's a daytime cafe that transforms into an evening gastropub, just as there are two shades of a working class professional. The day cafe looks 'Rosie' with a wide variety of breakfast menu, coffee and meals like Pea & Basil, Burrata & Rocket Salad. Post 7 'Tillie' caters a very well crafted cocktail bar menu. 

What To Order: Aran-chi, Red rice fried rice, Viennese cat and Provincial banter.

Price For Two: INR 1800 (approximately.)


FIO POP is our place for a good mood food. This place is located at a prime spot at Commons with floral yet minimalist ambience that sets it up nicely for a casual yet hip dining experience. It's certainly topped with some good food served in style that makes it all the more happening. We especially love their Puff Pillows.

What To Order: Mushroom Puff Pillows, Hearty Chicken loaf and chicken Saffron Risotto.

Price For Two: INR 1500

Pro Tip: They also have a kids menu.


This is a kitchen-themed restaurant from the house of Yum Yum Cha that has a rustic yet playful decor that would give you sense of your kitchen at home, literally. With the right amount of yellow and kitchenware hanging around we were interested in the restaurant by just the looks of it at first. The restaurant is also very well spaced out and offers artisanal pasta, Neapolitan pizza and desserts. They have an open kitchen so while you watch your food being prepared you can also take in the ambience of the place.

What To Order: Spicy chicken pizza, Classic Spaghetti and Salted Chocolate Tart.

Price For Two: INR 1800

The Tangra Project

Explore the flavours of Calcutta with an array of 300 scrumptious dishes which have been segmented based on the neighbourhoods and various influences that have inspired the food in Calcutta. From Mughlai food to Anglo-Indian signatures, from traditional Bengali gems to popular Indian- Chinese inspired by the Hakka community who migrated to India, the unique menu of Tangra Project has something for myriad taste buds.

What To Order: Kalika Cosmo in cocktails, Spicy Prawn Coins and Nawabi Mutton Seekh.

Price For Two: INR 1200

Savya Rasa

If you are looking for good South Indian food Savya Rasa is your place to be. It is a first-of-its-kind dining experience that celebrates the epicurean journey of South India. If you head to this place you can be sure about getting more than the regular dosas and idlis.The carefully curated art, artefacts, architectural elements and music adds to the overall experience. 

What To Order: Kootu Curry, Kori Gassi, Neer Dosa and Kongu vegetable biryani.

Price For Two: INR 2000

Soy Soi

The menu is based on street food one would get at night markets, hawker centres, canteens, and carts in major cities of Singapore, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok. Not only is the food good here but the staff that serves it is extremely polite which creates a very welcoming environment. It’s also budget friendly.

What To Order: Prawn Tempura Bao, Satya Gai and Kappa Makai

Price For Two: INR 800

Laidback Cafe

If you are looking to just chill (erm...gossip) with your BFF over cocktails (and food, of course) and need a cosy place with soft Sufi music in the background, Laidback Cafe has you covered. They also have hukkas available. You can now find the cafe at COMMONS. 

What To Order: Citrus Rocket and Kasundi salad and Veg Tagine for main course if you are a vegetarian. Chicken Shish Taouk for non-vegetarians.

Price For Two: INR 2500 approximately.

Cafe Tesu

Cafe Tesu has for a very long time been one of our favourite places to go for brunch. This outlet of Tesu is beautifully put together with cherry blossoms and a good plush pink and gold interior for those Tokyo vibes. On their menu you will see artisanal coffee, French pastry, sushi and an all-day breakfast. Tesu takes its coffee and tea seriously and this is evident from their four-page menu dedicated to the beverages. If you’re a coffee addict, you’ve just found your new favourite place. With a casual, cafe-like ambience, Tesu is the perfect place for a quick cup of coffee with a friend or even a business meeting.

What To Order: English breakfast platter, Penne Ciccio and Coffee.

Price For Two: INR 1000