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As Delhi residents, we have the good fortune and the privilege of choosing between many a heritage/restored/old-school/haveli/castle/palace/royal home venue, for a short stint out of the city. So if we were to be really be honest here, then visiting a restored haveli, may not seem to be such a novel concept. Yet, that old school charm of entering an enchanted world of an era long past never seems to get old, and so we present yet another portal to transport you back in time.


A restored 19th century Shekhawati Haveli, this property features 23 modern-day-amenities-equipped rooms and suites, complete with those will-I-be-able-to-wake-up beds, high ceilings, running hot and cold water, Wi-Fi {albeit sketchy}, goose down pillows and a whole lot of age-old relics, pillars and art works to gawk at. Besides your living quarters, expect a swimming pool, an ayurvedic spa, private yoga lessons, a selection of indoor games, a library, multi-cuisine restaurants and some unforgettable cultural evenings. As for what else you can do here, they have a terrace dedicated to star gazing {you’d be surprised at how many stars you can see with zero pollution},  or perhaps you may consider a camel ride around the neighbouring village to get a real taste of local culture. On request, they have mountain bike rides, and even Royal Enfield tours!

What stands out for us? The camel safaris. They customize them, so you can pick your own pace, and aren’t rushed to keep up with a group. The tour ends with an alfresco dining experience in the dunes. If the camel isn’t your animal of choice, opt for the horse safari, which departs from the hotel, and takes you for lunch to Dundlod Fort and back.


Add this to your bookmarked haveli haunts; it’s sure to be a winner amongst the many heritage vacation options available.

What do you think? You may need to visit to tell us, and you know what that means…VACATION!

Where: 260 km from Delhi, closest airport is Jaipur airport and closest railway station is Jhunjunu.

Price: A deluxe room starts at INR 7,000

Find out more, and make a reservation, here.