Return Of The Peri-Peri: Nando’s Is Back At Cyber Hub In A Brighter and Spicier Way!

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Our perpetual go-to for superbly juicy, flame-grilled chicken is ready for quite the comeback as it opens to hungry boys and girls again.

Peri-Peri Good

The Feta, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed salad is bursting with fresh goodness, and the new Quinoa Salad is tossed with sweet potato chunks, avocados, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese for a very hearty treat. Both are good enough for an instant swing by!

Also, you need to dive face first into newly-launched Pulled Chicken Tigella – a very comforting bowl meal that is layered with shredded pulled chicken, lots of veggies and tomato relish over hot rice. At INR 195, this is one saucy steal!

What Else?

The new Nando’s sports a bright new colourful look, and also presents the international favourite with attentive table service and bottomless aerated bevs and frozen yoghurt.

We know hot grilled chicken tastes best with a round of booze, and are told that this arrives too in this swanky new edition of Nando’s, which will be serving up wine, chilled beer and sangria.

So, We're Saying...

Make your way to the shiny new Nando’s and tuck in!