Ride A Tractor, Sleep Under Starry Skies And Live A Village Life At This Farm


    City life can get a bit stressful and sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things in life amidst all that chaos. What do you do to ground yourself and go back to your roots? We suggest you travel with your closest peeps to someplace away from the city and switch those phones off. And we couldn’t think of any place better than Banni Khera Farm.

    Ever Lived In A village?

    Banni Khera Farm is about two hours away from Delhi near Rohtak city {Haryana}. You can either decide to stay a night or two or have a day picnic and leave. It’s ideal for a weekend getaway and you’ll be surprised at the kind of stuff you can do there.

    They promise you an authentic rural life experience depending on how long you plan to stay there and to top it all, you will get to explore their lush green 350 acre family-owned farmland.

    This Is No Cock And Bull

    But there are cocks and bulls you will meet at Banni Khera. From bullock cart rides to chasing hens or hearing a cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning , this is the best way to get that fresh air you’ve been dreaming about. You will also experience their vast farmland and all farming related activities to go with it.

    They also offer pottery, yoga and meditation, freshly cooked village meals {imagine fresh white butter splattered all across those wholesome rotis}, tractor ride and interactions with local villagers.


    It’s A Package Deal

    These guys have packages for night stays and day time activities. They also have options between haveli stay and Swiss tent stay {imagine non-Delhi starry night sky}, so you can chose according to the duration you have planned to stay for. For more details, information on activities and tariffs you can visit their website here.

    So We’re Saying…

    This one’s ideal to go to with your friends. Since people in the village live in harmony and communities, it may instill a stronger bond between all of you.