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Ride With Pride At The Capital Scootering Club

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Started in 2014, the Capital Scootering Club is Delhi’s premier scooter club, your one stop shop for rallies, trivia, spare parts, technical assistance, and all the scooter fun ever.

Who Are They?

The Capital Scootering Club {CSC} is a community of scooter enthusiasts. Their passionate members believe in reviving the spirit of riding scooters, and their fleet includes scooters that date as far back as 1959.

These scooters are restored and painted in vibrant colours; the fleet includes vintage Vespa, Bajaj, Lambretta, and LML brands.

What Do They Do?

If you’re an avid scooter fan and want to popularise classic scooters, then CSC is the club for you. They host events and rallies, provide know-how for technical and spare parts assistance, and have educational classes on how to maintain your vintage scooters.

The CSC is also a great location to place scooter classifieds, for purchase as well as sale.

Their motto is the three Rs; Rescue, Restore, Ride. Imagine, if you will, the best of both worlds. The CSC seamlessly merges vintage and antique collections with scooter riding and rallying.

The community is as much a project for restoration and preservation of scooters as it is a riding club.

What To Keep In Mind

A non-profit, non-commercial enterprise, the CSC does not encourage commercial activities and as such, does not charge a membership fee either. You may just attend one of their rallies or events and become a participating member. Just drop a message to the Facebook group with your information.

When going for rides and events, be sure to have your scooter’s necessary paperwork, required safety gear, and remember it is a ride, not a race.