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On the Right Track | Tanhai by Aditya Jassi

Suchita posted on 27 February

By Kartik Mahajan

Aditya Jassi is one of those talents that you haven't discovered because every time you go to watch an Indian artiste that is not doing electronica or English Rock 'n' Roll, you expect them to do covers of all the Hindi film music currently on the radio, or you're hoping they will do some Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Lucky Ali covers. ORIGINALS! * Gasp * What? A singer who writes and sings his OWN music, and that too in Hindi! Nahi nahi bhaiho hi nahi sakta. Well stretch your mind, because you're likely to enjoy more than just one or two tracks of his. Born in Delhi, Aditya has lived here most of his life, and found himself gravitating towards music after listening to Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin. Hindi music became an exploratory endeavour that began with the likes of Kishore Kumar, Mohd Rafi,  RD Burman, OP Nayyar and even Bappi Lahiri; and it soon engulfed him to the point where he started making his own music. He first picked up the guitar and joined the school band back in the nineties {at Welham Boys' in Dehra Dun} and contributed off and on to background vocals; he quickly progressed to lead vocals in college. His post college band 'Oritus' even won best album at the JD Rock awards in 2004, beating Zero, Pentagram and the Them Clones! So, now you know what I mean. Next time you hear of one of his gigs, GO FOR IT! He will do covers too!

Tanhai is not a Sonu Nigam song; it has nothing to do with Sonu Nigam and I assure you it sounds nothing like the Sonu Nigam song either. They just shares a name, but then so do Rahul and Rahul, Rohan and Rohan and Sweetie and Sweetie - they are not the same person. It's a song about relationships. How they end and the journey of letting go. The vocals are endearing and the music is catchy and happy, contrary to the potentially saddening theme. That's the beauty of doing music the way you want to; the ability to juxtapose moods and emotions that completely contradict each other, but still somehow just seem to work. To me, it's a testament to the fact that two things that don't necessarily point in the same direction, or even travel on the same track,  can in fact sync together beautifully and seamlessly, and that's not limited to just emotions.

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