Float In The River Or Chill At A Faux Beach At This New Water Park In South Delhi


    Atlantic Water Park on the Yamuna waterfront just opened up for summer and it’s 5 acres of crazy water slides, pools, rides and a cafe.

    Don't Let This Slide

    If someone asked us what made Delhi summer mildly bearable for us, we’d say there were three things: Popsicles, mangoes and water parks. This one isn’t just accessible {sorry, kinda hate those highway ones} but also has everything from slides to pools to a lazy brook and a full-fledged artificial beach.

    Whether you’re a master of the butterfly stroke, a tentative swimmer or someone who’s pretty scared of drowning in 2-feet-deep pools, Atlantic has something to offer you.

    The funnel-shaped Tornado will toss you around, while the furious Storm Eye will have you spin relentlessly before you’re dropped into the pool {don’t worry, you’ll be safely tucked in those round tubes}. They have the usual tunnels that we know so well along with baby pools that are safe for beginners. In fact, they have a biggish family pool for that community feeling {hello, distant cousins} away from the dinner table. And, and, a waitforit… An artificial beach. So, things can look as basic or adventurous as you want them to be.

    Of course, by now you’re thinking about how safe it is to actually come rushing down that steep slide and hey, we’re totally with you. So, we hear that they have attentive lifeguards and support staff who are always on their toes. Occasionally, they even have DJs and rain dances to keep things exciting.

    So, We're Saying...

    It’s open through the week {even on public holidays, they tell us} and remains open till 6pm.

    The general entry starts at INR 750 per person. Get more info here.