Everyone Goes To Manali: Take Your Gang To This Riverside Homestay That Costs INR 905 Instead

Rene posted on 30 May


Quiet, picturesque and right in the middle of Tirthan Valley, we found a small homestay that’s great for big groups holidaying on a budget. The river’s in sight and you guys can choose one of the two rooms in the house or keep it real close to nature in a tent the staff can pitch for you for INR 500 only.

Ten On Ten{t} Holiday

Popular hill stations are crowded and so done to death. This is why, we’re digging this unpretentious place in Gushaini that’s in the middle of nowhere and cut off from dumb commercialisation.

We have a soft corner for the dining hall that’s an odd protrusion from the house and lets us eat all our meals looking at the mountains wherever we look. This is of course if you need a change from the lawn where you’re probably going to be spending all your time. The staff’s happy to cook for you for an extra charge or you can always have someone from the group taking turns.

Need another compelling reason to book this place? Let it be the proximity to the river and the sight of the mountains. Really.

Right Up Everyone's {V}Alley

This camp site is a piece of heaven for those running from the city’s chaos so you can revel in the fact that no one will be pushing you for deadlines or asking to vacate their parking spot. So, ideally, we’d just not do a thing apart from making frequent trips to the river or reading through sunny afternoons.

Maybe the above statements gave it away: We’re the happy-to-vegetate variety. If you on the other hand are an active camper, you can cook your own meals {making your morning tea as strong or milky as you like} and ask the host {also a Tirthan Valley local} who’s a certified mountain climber to arrange treks around the area. He’ll have anecdotes and local intel that’ll only make the long walks more fun and of course, no one knows perfect, little hideouts better than those who’ve lived in the area all their life.

If we were you, we’d pester the host for ghost stories and enjoy them with Maggi {or pakoras}.

So, We're Saying...

Book this budget accommodation because it’ll save so much of that dwindling pocket money.