Riverstone Cottages For A Swim Under The Sun & Meals By The River


    At the foothills of the Dehradun valley, lies a picturesque resort we’re loving for the constant sound of the gurgling river and the early morning views of the overlooking mountains. Not to forget, the cosy, stone-built cottages themselves are no less spectacular themselves.

    The High Point Of Your Relationship

    With most hill stations dying under the weight of Delhi’s overwhelming woofers, we found a place quiet, serene and unpretentious. There are 15 rooms at the property all well-equipped with “modern evils” including Wi-Fi in case you’re the Netflix and Chill variety. And when you get bored, there’s always the river to sit by or the pool to soak in.

    There’s an outdoorsy restaurant, Lantern, where you can get endless refills of the food as the cool wind blows. Or maybe not endless because this resort happens to be one of Dehradun’s oldies and we hear that the food standard’s kind of slipped. So if you’re going to be very strict about the food, we may as well point you in another direction {but the river…sigh}.

    On the amazing bright side, there are trekking trips around, open meadows for picnics and even the possibility of going to the Rajaji National Park for a fun time.

    P.S. They’ve got a tiny, woody bar with lots of old movie posters where you and your forever person can down a few drinks and discuss silly life goals.