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    Your Road ID: Emergency Medical And Sports Wristbands

    Aditya posted on 29 April


    Your Road ID provides durable emergency ID bracelets for active sportsmen, travellers and cyclists.

    Who Are They?

    Your Road ID is a company that sells emergency ID bands for people who are physically active and on the move a lot. These bands, wearable on the wrist, ankle or shoelace, are primarily for outdoor and adventure sport enthusiasts.

    Cyclists, trekkers and adventure sport buffs will find value in investing in a band. As would people travelling or back packing to another country, where they would be alone or in a small group. You can even get the band for small pets. This way if you lose your pet and someone finds them, they know which way to send them!

    What Is It?

    Working on the same concept as a military dog tag, the Your Road ID band contains pertinent information about you that, in the right hands could save your life. The information included will be your name, date of birth, two emergency contact numbers and their names, medical problems you currently possess {allergies, recent surgery, etc.} and, vitally, your blood group.

    The ID itself is made of a stainless steel plate and the band is made of high-quality silicon, giving it a certain flexibility.

    Our Say

    While not the most glamorous product, we find the potential usefulness of Your Road ID outweighs any scepticism we had towards wearing a steel wristband. That being said, we hope that yours never comes in use, beyond being clipped on and clipped off every day.

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