On the Road Again: 5 Road Trip Destinations We Love

    We all love Delhi and all the craziness that comes with it, but there comes a point in every city dweller’s life where you just want to get away from all the grind. And what better way to do it than to load up a gaddi with your favourite people and set off into the wild! Here are some of our favourite road trips, so pick one and start planning.


    The ancient town of Neemrana is one of the most popular picks among Delhi peeps. We love the Neemrana Fort Palace and Neemrana Hill Fort – Kesroli. We highly recommend staying at either property.

    The Fort Palace is a heritage property located in a quaint little village, and they’ve done a brilliant job of restoring the fort. The rooms are simple, yet beautiful, and it has a massive swimming pool as well as a spa to unwind at. The Hill Fort is located on a hillock and while this resort isn’t as big as its Fort Palace counterpart, it’s more classic and earthy.

    Where: Alwar, Rajasthan

    Driving Time: About 3-5 hours, including breaks

    Chambal Valley

    Located about 80 km away from Agra {yes, you can use the expressway for things other than visiting the Taj}, the Chambal National Sanctuary is on about 400 km of the Chambal river and has some great nature-watching options. In close proximity are the Bah & Bateshwar temples, which hold immense religious importance for Hindus. 

    Driving Time: 5-6 hours, including breaks

    Jim Corbett National Park

    The famous Corbett National Park is peppered with resorts of all shapes and sizes. Visit Corbett to try and catch a glimpse of an elusive tiger, to go on exciting night safaris, take enriching nature walks and treks, and to immerse yourself in the local culture by interacting with the indigenous communities.

    Driving Time: 6-7 hours, including breaks


    If you’re from Delhi you’ve probably made this journey a hundred times. The thing about Jaipur is – from her ancient forts and beautiful palaces, to her bustling street markets and comfortable hotels – she is always interesting. 

    Driving Time: 4-5 hours


    Bored of the same old at Nainital? Then take a trip to Almora. The cantonment town is known for its gorgeous landscapes and views and has many notable temples to visit.

    Driving Time: 8-9 hours

    {With inputs from Srishti Kochhar}