Backpacking Through India? Check Out Roadhouse Hostels For Pit Stops


    Roadhouse is a gradually expanding chain of backpacker hostels in India, having started out as an initiative to promote hostel-culture and backpacking. We visited the Jaipur property for a look-see, and here’s all that we have to say.

    Solo Trippin’

    While the general idea of travel around these parts still involves taking a three-day vacation to the insides of a hotel somewhere in the mountains, the number of backpackers and solo travellers actually looking to travel and explore has only been increasing lately.

    Roadhouse, a chain of backpacker hostels around the country, offers hostel-accommodation for those looking to travel for an extended time and on a budget.

    Having played host to travellers from across the world {with a hostel in three cities, and two more coming up by the end of the year}, the chain is an initiative by three founders, Uday Jhamb, Rajesh Borah and Shubham Garg, to promote the concept of hostels in India.

    Stay In

    The Jaipur property is their biggest one yet, and the first thing you notice when you enter is all the quirky art and graffiti on its walls. While their whole idea is to provide a pad for when you go out and explore the city, there’s plenty to do inside the premises too.

    As far as accommodation is concerned, we had nothing to complain about. The dorms were air-conditioned and the beds comfortable, and even though we visited off-season, there were plenty of travellers in the hostel to share travel stories and sip on chai with.

    The price for a bed depends on what type of dorms you’re going for, though it mostly falls in the comfortable INR 300 – INR 500 range. Private rooms are also available for those looking for them starting at INR 1,000.

    On The Menu

    The dorm beds are quite comfortable to spend a rainy day reading in, but in the eventuality of extreme {or even general} boredom, you can head to one of their two common areas.

    While the upper one has the dining table, comfy couches and television for a laidback vibe, the one downstairs features a pool table, Foosball, and a PlayStation {where we admittedly spent 90 per cent of our time}.

    They also have a kitchen you can get your regular meals from, though you need to tell them in advance.

    Anything Else

    The hostel, with its various offerings, is perfect for anyone travelling through the city on a budget, and the best part is being able to chat around and share stories with fellow travellers, something you can’t do staying at a regular hotel.