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Get ROFLing with Thursday Night Comedy at Manhattan Craft Brewery in Gurgaon

    We have a million ways to describe the act of laughing, one more magnanimous than the other. The humble LMAO {laughing my ass off} is now overshadowed by more outrageous innovations like LOLROTF&ICGU {laughing out loud rolling on the floor & I can’t get up} and a personal favourite, LSHMSFOAIDMT {laughing so hard my sombrero fell off and I dropped my taco}.

    Seriously, this is a thing.

    We frequently get our 'hahas' from Whatsapp forwards that admittedly pack in a fair share of wit, and online videos before they get banned. Whether it’s laughter clubs in parks, or adages about being the top antidote, there is no doubt that laughing is good for us. We know this, and Manhattan Craft Brewery in Gurgaon knows this too.

    This Golf Course Road microbrewery has tied up with the Canvas Laugh Club from Bombay to make sure no matter what else happens in the week, we’re laughing for a solid couple of hours every Thursday night.

    Starting at 7.30pm, a line-up of comedy artists take to the stage of the pub and starts being funny. A good mix of audience interactions and cleverly crafted material, this is definitely laughing matter. Best enjoyed with a pint, or a few.

    And why should you trudge there in the heat when you could just as easily catch a comedy routine online? We'll tell you why. Stand-up comics have often said that Gurgaon is one of their favourite crowds. No, they're not just saying that. Gurgaon tends to pack in a switched-on, tuned-in, young urban audience that's exposed to nuances of current political and cultural news. Content tends to be tailored so that after hearing multiple intelligible points of view on a given issue, we can finally just agree to laugh about it over a pitcher of India Pale Ale.

    There are about 3-4 performers per show, who change every week. If you're looking for some Thursday LOLs {we're getting with the program}, drop in to Manhattan because the joke is truly on these funny ladies and gentlemen.

    Doors open at 7.30pm. Shows typically go on until 9.30-1-pm.

    Where: First Floor, Global Foyer Building, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurgaon

    Contact: +91-8800697554 or find them on Facebook here 

    Price: INR 500 per person entry charge. Food and drink as per a la carte menu; 1.5 litre pitcher of fresh brewed beer at INR 525.