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Bring The Romance Back With Pizza And Wine At Cafe Diva

Suchita posted on 04 February


Cafe Diva has become a haunt for me for fortnightly pizza and wine date nights. Typical to all the divas in town, expect great service, exceptional food, and a wine menu that I swear by.

Who Is It For?

If you take your pizzas and wine seriously and romantic dates are your thing, this place will give you the perfect combination of the three.

No-Frills Ambience

Cafe Diva is a quiet escape within the usual hustle and bustle of Sangam Courtyard; a la mini Cyber-Hub for South Delhi. Elegantly designed and without any frills, the decor of Cafe Diva keeps the spotlight where it belongs; the food.

What To Try Out?

Though their menu is pretty diverse, with salads, mains, sandwiches etc, my go-to item is their gluten-free, millet base pizza. I go half and half with ham and jalapeno and pesto, rocket and parma.

Wash that down with a crisp Pinot Grigio or a Hoegaarden. If you’re looking for mains, try one of their fish curries with rice, which is the other thing I have when I’m not demolishing a pizza.


 Ask their servers for wine recommendations. They’re spot on. Also, their chocolate torte {flourless, apparently} is a great addition to the meal.

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