Rooh: A Place With A Soul Indeed!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Where do I start? Ok, Let's establish the fact that ROOH today is counted amongst my favourite places in Delhi to dine. That being said, lets now talk details.

When you enter: The ambience is where old school meets new school. When you climb up to where Rooh is, you are greeted by this massive Blue unassuming door, the moment you push that door is when the magic starts, you are entering a place that impresses you immediately. Beautiful attention to the details!

The walk to the bar: The most interesting cocktail menu. For reference, my favourite cocktail is Old Fashioned, I like playing it safe, however, they serve Old Fashioned with a twist, the drink’s called “Buttered Old Fashioned”. Without going into details, for all you old fashioned lovers, this is something that you should not pass on!

The Sit Down: Let’s now talk about the most important thing about an eatery, the food. Fusion is the word to describe the food here. Anything you order is bound to leave your tastebuds tickled, that’s a fact. Now the question is what do you order. Choice of many ends up leaving everyone flustered.

What I was treated too were the following.
-Yoghurt - Chaat.
-Avocado Bhel, Crispy Quinoa, Green Mango Sorbet.
-Malai Tikka Terrine.
-Lamb Burrah - Milanese, radish chutney.
-Cuts of Tandoori Chicken, red pepper makhni, tapioca.
-Saffron Polenta, wild mushroom, reblochon.
-Ras Malai 2.0.
-Carrot Halwa Cake.
-Thandai Panacotta.
All of which was absolutely fabulous.

In conclusion, let's just say that you need to visit this place at least once, and I’m sure you’d start frequenting it. Take my word for it!