This Range Of Organic Make Up Won’t Cause Pimples & Blackheads


Ruby’s Organics, India’s first organic make up brand, has lip balms, concealers, bronzers and lipsticks that will let your skin breathe.

What Makes It Awesome

We love Ruby’s Organics for two reasons and here’s the first – all their products are made from ingredients that you’d find in skincare products. Almond, castor, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, glycerin and beeswax – these ingredients are usually found in skin-enriching lotions and potions to repair the damage that make up does to your skin.  So, we’re completely sold on the brand’s idea of good-for-your-skin make up products. By using Ruby’s Organics, you’d essentially be keeping your skin hydrated and your pores unclogged, effectively bidding adieu to the surprise pimple (most of the time, at least –  pimples are sneaky buggers).

The second reason we’re hooked on this new cosmetics line is because of their products compliment Indian tones and textures wonderfully. A limited range – Ruby’s Organics stocks lipsticks in beautiful shades (we think Brick is the red lipstick of our dreams), brightening concealers that wish away spots and dark circles and two gorgeous eye shadows that are perfect for day-time use. Don’t forget to check out their lip balms and, because cinnamon makes everything better, we’d recommend this Tinted Red Cinnamon Lip Balm.


Cruelty-free, paraben free, organic and made from 100% vegetarian ingredients – these light-on-the-skin skincare/make up products are perfect to achieve looks that are easy-on-the-eye as well. Price: Starting at INR 450 for lip balm


Ruby’s Organics’ products are available on Nykaa here. You can also buy directly from their website here.