Get Your Adrenaline Pumping With These Running Clubs In Delhi

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There’s something rather daunting about the idea of running a marathon that has even the strongest of us shaking in our shoes. It’s in times like those that a group of like-minded individuals working (or running) towards a common goal can help shake that fear aside.

Here’s our list of running communities in the city that can get even the laziest among us pumped up about running.

PS: We urge you to take all necessary precautions, maintain social distancing if you are stepping out.

Reebok Running Squad

Created as a fitness initiative by the company, the Reebok Running Squad consists of a number of trainers who help runners of any fitness level build their strength, stamina, and endurance to run a marathon. They use the buddy system and group exercises, so you are very likely to find many like yourself in the group.

Where: Multiple venues including Lodhi Garden, Nehru Park, Leisure Valley (Sector 29, Gurgaon), Noida Stadium (Sector 21, Noida) and Town Park (Sector 12, Faridabad)

Indian Track Club

They’re equipped with synthetic tracks and high-quality training equipment at the centre, and have a team of athletes, coaches, medicine & massage therapists, so they sure take running (and runners) very seriously. They have three kinds of training: Beginner’s Training for novice runners, Speed & Form for professional sportspeople, and Marathon Training for athletes training for half or full marathons. They meet only on Saturdays though. 


RunXtreme has free training sessions throughout the week, usually early in the mornings. They run in smaller groups over the week and in larger groups over the weekend. While Nehru Park and Lodhi Garden are their most popular locations of choice, they operate in many other locations across the city (you might just find one right behind your house!), which you can have find out upon joining the club

Where: Nehru Park, Lodhi Garden

Running & Living

This group is ready to help you out for whatever doubts or questions you may have about running, or give even a healthy dose of motivation to get moving, for that matter. If you’re planning to run a full marathon, they have a comprehensive 18-month training schedule you can follow, along with diet advice and tips to avoid injury.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is an initiative by the brand to not just elevate running not just as a sport in India, but also as a fitness and lifestyle choice for living healthy and feeling good. This is a community of runners where every runner receives expert guidance from NRC coaches and pacers at every session.

Every run has a purpose and NRC sessions are designed for every runner, regardless of skill level. These sessions have various types of training runs from recovery to speed runs and everything in between.  N+RC has free registration and invites people to be part of the Nike running community.

Download the app here and find out more here.

Adidas Runners

Join adidas’ official running community that connects fitness enthusiasts, beginners and other like-minded individuals. From expert advice, core and strength training to running tips, you get the best information and access.

Sunday Run Club

Get running on the weekends with Sunday Run Club, although they only meet in East Delhi. The group members are known to have participated in half and full marathons, so you know you are in for some hardcore running. 


With the community being quite passionate about running and cycling - Athletico motivates, educates, and supports runners. They do weekend runs, training sessions, and even take online coaching where you could get some useful tips from industry experts. 

So, go be a part!


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