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We’re big advocates of giving solutions, of the ‘you can do this now’ variety. We hear all this beauty talk of essential oils, soothing this and that, Shea butter this and aloe vera that, but what sets a beauty brand apart? One word: quality.

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And now we come to the you-can-do-this-now solution promise. Saanté, developed by a veteran aesthetician, is a homegrown brand, by which we mean both Indian and grown in their household {more on that later}, featuring a range of beauty products, including aromatherapy oils and cosmetic products. And here’s someone banking on quality – all their products are 100% chemical free, with a zero preservative guarantee, and are all handmade and handcrafted. A giant believer of all things natural, aromatherapy and healing, like beauty products passed down generations {here’s looking at you Lacto Calamine and Charmis}, founder Malini Ohri has managed to pass her know how and processes of creating beauty blends down to her two daughters, Muskan and Mishti Ohri. The mother and daughters trio hand package and bottle all the products! Saante’s repository comprises  handmade oils and other beauty products, including face serums, body oils, essential oils for burning, body scrubs, body butters, candles and soaps.

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As for benefits and soothing properties, Saante creates compounds that have therapeutic value with 100% natural essential and cold pressed oils. Their body oils {muscular, orthocare and lymphatic drainage are effective pain management oils} and creams help reduce eczema and psoriasis. The founders are believers in the ability of nature and its compounds to cure ailments. Drawing heavily on the practice and science of Aromatherapy, more than just beauty products, it’s beauty and healing in one home packaged container. The essential oils disperse quickly through the skin, and are absorbed into the sinuses and/or blood stream within minutes.

After all, it’s healing in a bottle; you better rub it the right way.

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